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Destination Devils Tower

Location: Wyoming

Best Season: May-October

Climbing Style: Long, sustained cracks; a great place to put your crack climbing and stemming skills to use

There is perhaps no other natural wonder that causes all to gasp in awe upon first sight. Its steep fluted sides are home to astonishing accomplishments and some amazing climbing firsts.  But the biggest draw the Tower has to offer is the longest, most sustained cracks and stems of any metamorphic tower.  And after you finish up on one of the 195’+ pitches, you might feel like you’ve had a close encounter with the third kind.


The Specs

Devils Tower is one of the country's most notorious destinations for climbers and tourists alike. You just don't see many gigantic monoliths rising out of the plains. Over 3 million tourists from around the world make the trek here each year. But the climbers are the luckiest of all, because the only means to the top (and subsequent spectacular view) is through technical climbing.

There are over 200 free routes to choose from, ranging from 5.7 to 5.13. Most are very long, sustained cracks that seem to go on forever. Because the cracks are generally uniform from bottom to top, you are well advised to beg, borrow or steal as many cams as possible for the size you plan to attempt. And if your endurance is anything less than superb, get ready for an ass kicking on the loooong pitches. Get all the beta you need in Devils Tower Climbing.

Entrance Fee: $10/Vehicle; valid for 7 days.
You can also use one of 2 other passes to get in the park: 
The Devils Tower Annual Pass- $20 - Available at the entrance station. This pass grants you 1 year of access to Devils Tower
National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass- $80 - Available at the entrance station or online here. This pass grants you 1 year of access to Devils Tower and all other federal recreation sites that charge an entrance or parking fee. A great bargain if you are planning a roadtrip that will take you to multiple federally-run areas.

Camping: There is a campground inside the park and outside. 
NPS Campground (inside park): $12/day
KOA Campground (just outside the park entrance on the right): $26/day

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