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Press Room

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Review in Climbing Magazine
Devils Tower Climbing

Devils Tower Climbing has been featured in a book review by Climing Magazine's Matt Samet. Issue 262, December 2007. View PDF

New Guide Excites Gunkies
The Gunks: A Climber's Guide to the Shawangunk Ridge

A new guide to the Gunks has exploded onto the scene, exciting Gunkies on every corner of the internet.  Be they overjoyed or angered, everyone can agree that this controversial hot cake has been enough to rile them all.  Printed in full color with a burly cover and sewn binding, this one's got style to compete with all the other New York Dolls clamoring for a piece of Gunks action.  For the first time ever, the legendary quartzite cliffs are shown in color with anchors, rap lengths, pitch lengths, awesome link-ups and detailed topos alongside.  In addition, bomber approach maps get you to the base of each route first go.  Giddy up.

Extreme Angles Publishing Releases a New Guide
The Needles: A Climber's Guide to the Black Hills Needles

The Needles: A Climber’s Guide to the Black Hills Needles has recently hit store shelves in a limited special release. This new guide from Extreme Angles Publishing is the latest in their lineup of premium climbing guides. Since 2004, the crew at Extreme Angles has been cranking out groundbreaking climbing books. This latest guide is the first in over two decades to bring thorough and precise information to climbers looking for adventure in the Needles.

The Needles are a fantastic wonderland of rocky granite spires tucked deep in the Black Hills. The climbing here is legendary; from the wild face climbs that lead to table top summits, to giant “chicken head” knobs which sometimes need to be slung for gear! This area is a must for anyone looking for adventure, providing amazing and unforgettable experiences. And this book is your ticket to the most spectacular summits in the area. No more bumbling around, no more confusion. This is the definitive roadtripper’s guide to the best climbs and best times in the Black Hills Needles.

What’s so special about this book, though? Plenty. We’ve selected the coolest spires, based on the aesthetics of the tower and the quality of the climb. Then, we’ve done something unprecedented for the Needles: we’ve provided a bomber topo that graphically displays everything you need to know about the climb. To accompany our fine artwork, we’ve also provided a photograph to make sure you’re in the right spot. And to tie it all together, we’ve written up a verbal description that clues you in on the first ascent history and all the dirty secrets of each climb—including what the runouts are like and what the anchors are like. Not only that, but this full color guide is jam-packed tons more. From great photos to hilarious stories to burly construction to revolutionary tear-out route cards for some of the longer routes—no more toting the book along on long climbs. The Needles is an essential for those that dream of going or those who are on their way.

Extreme Angles Publishing is located in Laramie, Wyoming and is devoted to bringing the most unique and bad ass climbing books to the climbing community. Working exclusively with real-life climbers throughout the book development process, they come out with the most useful, bold, and irreverent guides on the market. Their ever-growing list of titles includes books on Vedauwoo, Devils Tower, and the Shawangunks of New York. Look for their books in fine climbing and retail shops everywhere and online at www.ExtremeAngles.com.


New Guidebook Raises the Standard
Devils Tower Climbing

For years guidebooks have been a stagnant and dry source of information for climbs, but all that has now changed with the release of Devils Tower Climbing by Rachael Lynn and Zach Orenczak. This new guide from Extreme Angles Publishing has broken with the tradition of boring text and grainy maps, instead bringing together high quality, concise beta with colorful and vibrant topos, photos and stories.

For the first time in its 100-year history as a National Monument, Devils Tower now has a book deserving of its impressive status. Devils Tower Climbing offers comprehensive coverage of all the free climbs of the Tower. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, you would not be disappointed if you did. This thick, rugged case not only catches your eye with a wild and colorful collage—featuring characters arranged around an image of the giant stone; it also folds out to reveal the most revolutionary component of the book. Four different pocket-sized route cards tear off the edge of the cover’s flap, giving you an invaluable resource of information to take with you on the routes. Genius! Why hasn’t this been done before? At an area like Devils Tower, where routes are long and rappel routes are confusing, these little cheat sheets can be the difference between a good day and an epic disaster.

Inside you will find more revolutionary content, often times as irreverent and wild as climbers themselves can be. The book is divided into sections based on aspect, and marked by colorful tabs for quick reference. Step a little deeper into a section and you’ll find a labeled photo of the face across from a color-coded, concise topo. The next pages are home to the written descriptions of each route; first ascent info, beta and tips, and a gear list. Interspersed throughout this intensive information is an array of historic and modern full color photos, interesting graphics and hilarious anecdotes on the wild history of climbing here.

In short, Devils Tower Climbing captures the spirit of climbing like few other books have before. And the fact that it is a guidebook makes it all the more exciting. This is a book that you will not want to be without on your next trip to the Tower, and one that will undoubtedly shape the future of guidebooks. Pick up a copy today and be a part of the revolution.


A Classic Returns
Shawangunk Rock Climbing

The Gunks are one of the US's most revered climbing destinations--perhaps an institution of it's own. Gunks climbing did more than set the stage for bold American climbing--it was the stage. Shawangunk Rock Climbing takes its readers through those early years of route development, introducing the characters that made the area what it is today. With over 100 pages of full color photographs to enhance the wild tale that is told, this book captures the imagination and moves the reader to action. One flip through this book and you'll be planning your next trip to the Gunks!

Shawangunk Rock Climbing by Richard DuMais was originally published in 1985. In the years since, it has sold out completely, become an acclaimed classic of climbing literature, and until now, has been totally unavailable. After a complete digital remastering, Extreme Angles Publishing has been successful in bringing this modern standard back to the people.

Shawangunk Rock Climbing is a full color, hardback coffee table book, 121 pages long, which captures the spirit and history of the Shawangunk ridge in New York State. Now is your chance to own this one-of-a-kind, limited edition print run of Shawangunk Rock Climbing. Don’t put it off for long! Only a very limited number are available.


New Guide Shocks the Nation
Vedauwoo Bouldering

Vedauwoo Bouldering is the resource for those looking to go ropeless in Vedauwoo. Vedauwoo, located along I-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne in Wyoming, is the ultimate roadtrip stop. Minutes from the interstate and miles from ordinary, this wonderland of Joshua Tree-style formations is the perfect stop for climbers and boulderers traveling cross-country. Vedauwoo Bouldering provides comprehensive coverage of the bouldering opportunities available at Vedauwoo, with over 55 detailed maps and over 426 photos.

Davin Bagdonas, life-long Laramie resident, authored the book in close partnership with Extreme Angles. Bagdonas grew up testing his skills and learning to climb on the boulders of Vedauwoo. His years of dedicated research and exploration, teamed with the expertise and precision of Extreme Angles, has led to the most comprehensive bouldering guide to the area so far.

Vedauwoo Bouldering brings together photographs of the problems, verbal descriptions, and excellent maps to make route-finding a breeze. With comfortable, moderate temperatures all summer long, perfect flat landings and wild features, bouldering in Vedauwoo is sure to please.


Vedauwoo Unveiled
Fat Crack Country

The notorious wide cracks of Vedauwoo, Wyoming have a new book to their honor. Fat Crack Country, by Zach Orenczak is the first book in the area’s history to include first ascent information, and arguably, the first to highlight routes other than offwidths. The book, released by Extreme Angles Publishing in 2003, is the most comprehensive and informative book on the market.

Orenczak, who has since authored numerous other books including guides to Devils Tower and the Needles of South Dakota, cites accuracy as his number one concern in Fat Crack. His experience as a student at the “University of Vedauwoo” taught him the value of precise information and pointed out the lack of such in other guides. He took on the project with gusto as a public service to fellow climbers and came out with a solid and classic guide. Beyond the carefully researched first ascent information, the book includes concise and precise beta on all the routes of the area, including trad, sport, aid and rappel lengths. With dozens of photos of the cliffs, excellent written route descriptions and an array of excellent maps, Fat Crack Country gets you on and off the wild formations of the Voo. Wild stories of first ascents and area antics pepper the book, adding a great sense of character and bringing life to this unique destination. And to top it all off, Fat Crack Country is pocket-sized, reminiscent of the old days of guides. This is one book that is not to be missed.